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2015 Will Be The Year Of EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot in 2015
EuroJackpot 2015

Christmas is barely over and yet by now you’ve probably read dozens of articles predicting the “next big thing” in 2015. From psychics to economists (same thing say the cynics), news pundits to tech gurus, the internet is rife with predictions as to what will happen in the year ahead.

A lot of it is doom and gloom, something we’ve had no shortage of in 2014. Other predictions sound silly, but sillyness was in no short supply either in the year of ice buckets, selfies and Spiderdog.

According to the Mayans the world was meant to end in 2012, but yet here we are. It was also the year that EuroJackpot was launched. Next March will see EuroJackpot hit the three-year mark having grown from an initial six founding countries to 16 participating nations, a number that dwarfs EuroMillions, which still has only nine.

2014 saw further expansion, higher adoption and record jackpots for Europe’s biggest lottery. So you don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict that 2015 will be a huge year for EuroJackpot, as it continues to grow – in reach, prominence and in jackpot size.

Prediction #1: EuroJackpot Gets Bigger

2014 saw some huge changes for EuroJackpot, with Hungary and the Czech Republic getting in on the action making Europe’s biggest lottery even bigger. In terms of reach EuroJackpot has a potential customer base of 270 million people, 53 million more people than EuroMillions.

In population terms that’s more people than South Korea, one of the most densely populated countries on the planet, or, if you prefer, the population of Holland and Canada combined.

Is EuroJackpot going to let its main rival catch up, or is it going to forge ahead getting bigger and bigger? From a business standpoint it’s obvious. When you’re the biggest, you’ll do whatever it takes to stay the biggest – and the best way to do so is to keep getting bigger!

Prediction #2: EuroJackpot Grows Faster

The EuroJackpot juggernaut isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. It was purposely created to take the fight to EuroMillions and this it has done in fine style.

The jackpots mightn’t be as big – yet – but in terms of prize tiers EuroJackpot wins out every time. The chances of a win, of any kind, are far higher than with EuroMillions and people have begun to take notice.

Players in the UK, for example, were largely unaware of the lottery until they learned that they could play EuroJackpot online. At first they would only play when the jackpot was higher than EuroMillions, but the greater odds of both jackpots and prize wins soon converted them into loyal players more than happy to spread the good word.

Prediction #3: EuroJackpot Enjoys Record Winnings

Three of the top EuroJackpot wins occurred in 2014. The highest jackpot was won by a player in Finland who took home a jackpot of over €61 million. It’s still not as high as some of the record EuroMillions wins, but the odds of winning such a jackpot at far better.

The rules for EuroJackpot changed last year, raising the odds of winning significantly. Though they’re still far below the odds of a EuroMillions jackpot win.

The odds of winning a EuroMillions jackpot is 1 in 116,531,800 compared to 1: 95 344 200 for EuroJackpot. That’s 21 million of a difference – hardly an insignificant number.

The Lottery Showdown

Most classic rivalries – Coke Vs. Pepsi, Mc Donalds Vs. Burger King, The Rolling Stones Vs. The Beatles – have always been a matter of personal taste. The only notable exception to this is the age-old PC Vs. Mac rivalry, which is more about functionality and style.

Not too long ago PCs ruled the roost, whereas nowadays everyone wants an Apple product. They want something sleek and modern that’s simple and rewarding to use, something that feels fresh and exciting, instead of the same ole, same ole.

EuroJackpot lies on the cusp of having its very own “Mac moment”. It’s newer, it’s shinier, it’s got lower odds, more prizes, more players and jackpots that are growing year after year – so why not start the new year off with something new and fresh by playing EuroJackpot online today!