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    EuroJackpot lottery gives you the best chance to win!

    Big news! Eurojackpot gets 3 new members and bigger jackpots form October 2014. → READ MORE.

    The EuroJackpot is the newest multi-national European lotto, offering bigger prizes than most of the World's famous lotteries along with much better odds. Now for the first time it's possible to play and win the EuroJackpot lotto online from anywhere in the World!

    Are you tired of not winning the lottery? Play EuroJackpot for the best lotto odds!

    EuroJackpot Winners

    If you are a EuroMillions or Powerball player then you've likely experienced the frustration of never quite matching the winning numbers. EuroMillions was designed to pay out big jackpots but your chances of winning are extremely small. In contrast, the EuroJackpot lottery is designed to give more players the chance to win. Although the prizes are smaller than EuroMillions, jackpots are won far more frequently and you are nearly twice as likely to win playing with EuroJackpot!

    These better odds of winning have played a major factor in EuroJackpot's rapid growth and in just over a year it's attracted thousands of lottery players from Valencia to Vilnius. If you want to win the lottery then there is no doubt you have the best chance of doing so is with the EuroJackpot lotto!

    EuroJackpot lotto

    Go For Gold With EuroJackpot!

    There are 16 different European countries which participate in EuroJackpot, including Germany and Spain. Until recently this meant that we couldn't take part in the EuroJackpot lotto unless you were among the 16 main countries because there was simply nowhere to buy tickets from. Now by playing online you can take part in the world's best lottery from your laptop, tablet or smart phone from anywhere in the World.

    With some of the world’s best lottery odds, EuroJackpot gives you the greatest chance at winning a multi-million jackpot which would instantly make you as wealthy as comedian Ricky Gervais!

    Where can you buy EuroJackpot tickets online?

    Where To Buy EuroJackpot Tickets

    When playing EuroJackpot online you should always make sure that you are playing with a licensed and insured company. By playing with an unlicensed website you are risking losing your winnings to online con-artists. Remember that the EuroJackpot lottery does not require players to pay a deposit to set up an account so please watch out for this sort of scam. Our favourite online company, Lottoland is a brand which has proven themselves trustworthy and all of its prizes are insured by some of Europe’s biggest and best insurers.

    Lottoland also lets new players try the EuroJackpot out for free! It sounds almost too good to be true but when playing EuroJackpot at Lottloand they will credit any money you lose on your first shopping basket back into your account so that you can see if it the EuroJackpot lotto is right for you, completely risk free!

    EuroJackpot Lottery or the National Lottery?

    Why should a person in the UK try the EuroJackpot instead of more familiar lottos like the National Lottery? For starters, EuroJackpot offers much bigger jackpots than the National Lottery, with minimum 10 million Euro (roughly £8.5 million) jackpots and maximum payouts of up to 90 million Euro (£77 million). In contrast, the average National Lottery jackpot is only about £2 million with the largest prize ever awarded just £22.5 million!

    On the other hand, your chances of winning the National lottery jackpot are almost four times greater than with the EuroJackpot lotto. You have about 1 in 14,000,000 chance of guessing 6 National Lottery balls correctly in comparison to 1 in 95,344,200 for guessing the 7 Euro Jackpot lotto balls (5 regular balls and 2 special "Euro Numbers") to bank a jackpot. However, because the multi-national lotto has a much larger pool of lottery players your chances of winning any prize other than the jackpot are much greater, you only need to match 2 balls to win EuroJackpot while you need to match 3 to win the National Lotto, resulting in about 1 in 35 playing Euro Jackpot when compared to 1 in 54 playing the National Lottery. The National Lottery is considered by experts to be a “top heavy” lottery, paying out over 50% of the total prize money to the jackpot winner. EuroJackpot on the other hand spreads the wealth amongst more players so you have a much better chance of winning one of the substantial mid-level prizes which can be hundreds of thousands or even over a million pounds!

    Both lotteries cost about the same amount of money to play, with online EuroJackpot tickets being sold for £2.00, the same amount as a National Lotto ticket will cost after the new rule changes which will be implemented this Fall. In summary, with the National Lottery your chances of winning are poor and the prizes are relatively small. With EuroJackpot you have much better odds of winning any prize apart from the jackpot and if you do manage to win the big one then you'll have three times as much money as you could win on the National Lottery!

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