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Whether you are dreaming of hitting it big in EuroJackpot, hoping for a EuroMillions payday, or simply curious about the American mega lotteries, we are here to help!

Our dynamic, up-to-date comparison table lets you find the most important information about the most popular lotteries the world has to offer. Discover how EuroJackpot’s draw, jackpots and odds compares to its rivals with our at-a-glance-guide!

  EuroJackpot L649 EuroMillions Eurodreams PowerBall MegaMillions
Current Jackpot 27 Million 14 Million 160 Million €20.000 per month for 30 years 32 Million 44 Million
Max. Jackpot 120 Mio. € 50 Mio. € 250 Mio. € €20.000 per month for 30 years No Limit No Limit
Min. Jackpot 10 Mio. € 1 Mio. € 17 Mio. € €20.000 per month for 30 years 20 Mio. € 40 Mio. €
Draw Times Tue, Fri 19:45 Wed 18:30, Sat 19:30 Tue 19:45, Fri 20:45 and 21:30 Mon, Thu 20:30 Tue, Thu, Sun 23:00 EST Wed, Sat 23:00 EST
Odds of Winning Any Prize 1:49 1:31 1:13 1:5 1:38 1:37
Jackpot Odds 1:139.838.160 1:139.838.160 1:139.838.160 1:19.000.000 1:292.201.338 1:302.575.350
Prize Tiers 12 9 13 6 9 9
Additional Games Super6, Spiel77, GlücksSpirale Super6, Spiel77, GlücksSpirale None None PowerPlay Megaplier
Bet Price 2,00 € 1,20 € 3,00 € 2,50 € 3,50 € 3,50 €
Next Ticket Deadline 0 days 18 hours 54 minutes 1 days 18 hours 19 minutes 0 days 19 hours 54 minutes 2 days 3 hours 53 minutes 1 days 3 hours 54 minutes


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EuroJackpot Vs EuroMillions

EuroJackpot and EuroMillions are the two most popular lotteries in Europe, bringing players together from across the continent in the quest to land a payout that can make dreams come true. While they share some similarities, they do have some very distinct differences.

First, let look at their similarities. Both of these European powerhouses are drawn on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. They also share the same format where players choose five main numbers and two additional numbers – Euro Numbers and Lucky Stars. This means that the likelihood of winning the jackpot is the same in both: 139,838,160 to 1.

Given these similarities you would be forgiven for thinking that these lotteries are largely the same thing packaged differently, but you would be wrong! A closer examination of each shows that there are big differences that could persuade you to choose one over the other.

First, we have the price. Eurrojackpot is slightly cheaper at €2.00 compared to the €2.95 a bet on EuroMillions cost you. That extra 45 cents goes a long way however, as the minimum and maximum jackpots are significantly larger with EuroMillions. In EuroJackpot the minimum jackpot is €10 million, while EuroMillions offers €17 million. The biggest difference is in the maximum potential jackpot. EuroJackpots maximum jackpot is €120 million, an amount that would undoubtedly make most people’s dreams come true. EuroMillions, however, boasts a maximum jackpot of €250 million – more than double that of its continental rival.

Whichever lottery you choose, you are going to be entering a lottery where staggering jackpots are won every week. We hope you enjoy playing one or the other (or both!) and we wish you good luck!