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The EuroJackpot top prize has been won! The maximum prize goes to a lucky lady who just happens to have been a reader of these pages. Not only that, Christina M. has now set a record and become the biggest online gaming winner in the world, since she won her prize by betting using the Lottoland app on her phone. We explain exactly what the newly minted multimillionaire plans to do with her windfall and why 90 million euros are still in the pot for the next EuroJackpot draw.

To live a stress-free life, to fulfil a few ambitions – these were the kind of dreams that Christina had in common with many of us. The loyal reader of had become aware of the online lottery betting site Lottoland through our website and had registered there a couple of weeks ago, just in time to place a bet on EuroJackpot.


Mum Lends a Helping Hand

The maxed out €90 million jackpot on offer from the multi-national EuroJackpot lottery on June 1st attracted the interest of the 36-year-old cleaner. However, Christina wasn’t interested in driving all the way to the lottery kiosk to stand in a queue on a sweltering summer’s day.

The solution? Very simple: just place a EuroJackpot bet online! When it came to choosing her lucky numbers, Christina did what many of us do at such times and asked her mum for help. The 60-year-old promptly messaged back her daughter with seven lucky numbers along with a short message. As it turned out, that chosen selection of 14, 19, 21, 30, 32 and the two Euro numbers 4 and 7 would change the lives of the two ladies forever.


Cleaning up after the Late Shift

When Christina came to the end of her late shift as a cleaner, she pulled out her phone to check the results of the EuroJackpot draw. It had been a long shift and Christina could hardly trust her eyes: had she really matched all seven numbers correctly? Surely there was some mistake!

Sleep was now out of the question. Christina went straight to her mom’s house and got her out of bed. After checking the numbers again and again, the mother-daughter team realised they had won and spent the rest of the night making plans. Because one thing was certain: Christina planned to quit her job immediately and her mother had long dreamed of moving to warmer climes.


EuroJackpot Exclusively with Lottoland

On Saturday, the long-awaited call came from the private lottery betting site, where the excited new millionaire received confirmation that she was the only winner of the EuroJackpot: Christina had hit the jackpot exclusively with Lottoland. This means that as well as making herself extremely wealthy she had just broken the record for the biggest online gaming win of all time.

But what does that mean exactly? For the lucky winner, it makes no difference, because the ninety-million sum is paid in full by Lottoland. For all other EuroJackpot fans it's also great news. As Lottoland is a private lottery betting company separate from the actual EuroJackpot lottery, and since no player managed to land in the first prize class at the official lottery, another €90 million will still be up for grabs at the next draw! What’s more, the second-tier prize has now been boosted as the official lottery wasn’t won and so has extra millions to offer lucky winners.

If you want to try to imitate the new world-record holder, you can go to Lottoland to see if you can make it two EuroJackpot multi-millionaires in a row! Remember there is another €90 million up for grabs on Friday. Best of luck!